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"HUNTER!" Voice Actors Wanted...

2010-09-20 04:39:21 by DevintheDinosaur

Hey guys or people who may stumble upon this randomly...
I'm looking for voice actors for my upcoming series "Hunter!"

I currently need a male voice actor who can do a Blacksmith,
I need a male voice actor who could do a deeper voiced orc.
Or whatever leave a comment if you are interested.

"HUNTER!" Voice Actors Wanted...

Prophecy of Thorn~

2010-01-05 21:20:08 by DevintheDinosaur

"ELF: Prophecy of Thorn" Is going to be basically
the longest animation I have ever made,
and a personal challenge to see what I can really do.
It will probably be somewhere between 15-30 minutes.
So I guess you could call it a short film, or "Movie."
It will double as the first "Season" finale of "Elf."

I've been really interested in Lucid Dreaming recently,
and the more I research it the more I want to do it.(again)
I found a very helpful person on that explains
what it is, how it's done, and how to prolong them.
If you don't know what a Lucid Dream is, it's basically a dream,
in which you are aware you are dreaming, and to some extent
control what you do in that dream. I've had one before but it was
a nightmare, not a good time. I want to try it again on my terms.
Here's the guy on youtube: 87

Prophecy of Thorn~

robin (a short film)

2009-12-15 02:24:02 by DevintheDinosaur

Hey, I finally finished my short film, "Robin"

It's a birthday present for my mom, and she really liked it =D

check it out and leave a review if you have the time!

robin (a short film)


2009-11-15 23:40:26 by DevintheDinosaur

that i made for my brother. Happy birthday to him :D

Check it out here:

In other news... sadly I missed the Halloween deadline for my game, but I'm still going to make it, but it's just not going to be Halloween- related. Elf is coming along slowly, but I AM working on the new episode :) so look for that soon. That's all.



2009-10-20 14:16:14 by DevintheDinosaur

A special episode of ELF, a Halloween special to be exact.
Please watch if you'd like and rate and review! :D


2009-10-08 16:04:43 by DevintheDinosaur

I'm working on a few Halloween submissions for the 2009 competitions, and is taking up a good chunk of my time. I'm also working on the new ELF, which should be out soon.

Pedro is back in a new cartoon! Watch and see what that Mexican Bean is up to :O~

rate and review please,
or leave a comment below.

New PEDRO: The Mexican Bean!


2009-09-18 00:47:32 by DevintheDinosaur

Was freaking sketchy, but wicked awesome at the same time, made me feel kind of sick to my stomach at some points but overall it was awesome with great special affects and everything. If you haven't seen it, I totally recommend it.

In other news I'm working on the latest "ELF" cartoon. The fourth one. I'm going to start making them longer, or try to. Also I'm working more on detail and FBF.

Since I don't have a picture of the new flash to show you here's a sick mushroom :)


I'm excited to announce the beginnings of my new cartoon "ELF."

There are currently 2 episodes made,
featuring wonderful music by: "Badly Drawn Boy"



I plan to have multiple seasons, so to speak, each consisting of 10-15 episodes.
The average run length of each episode is about 2-3 minutes, but it really varies from episode to episode. So if you want check out the available episodes, and other than that, stay tuned.

P.S don't be fooled by the small file sizes.

-devin J

New Series "ELF!" Check it out!