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"HUNTER!" Voice Actors Wanted...

2010-09-20 04:39:21 by DevintheDinosaur

Hey guys or people who may stumble upon this randomly...
I'm looking for voice actors for my upcoming series "Hunter!"

I currently need a male voice actor who can do a Blacksmith,
I need a male voice actor who could do a deeper voiced orc.
Or whatever leave a comment if you are interested.

"HUNTER!" Voice Actors Wanted...


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2010-11-20 13:19:56

just stumbled upon this 180242735 years later..i can voice act.........

DevintheDinosaur responds:

I'll send you a PM.


2011-01-27 00:23:49

Hey!! I could do a voice!! I haven't any demos up but I was gonna get to making one this weekend actually! I have a pretty deep voice but I can go proposterously high too...I'm in that's